Mercedes Супермем

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  • Слушали: 114
  • Исполнитель: Супермем
  • Название: Mercedes
  • Длительность: 3:56
  • Лейбл: Blue Feathers
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Текст песни Mercedes
Lil nigga, lil nigga, lil nigga
Lil nigga, lil nigga
Lil nigga on the block tryna sell his weed (deadmi)
And how they gon go and make dispensaries
And he always worryin' if his sneakers clean
Now when them niggas slidin' through he wouldn’t make em leave
Jewelry and all he wanted to do was live a century (100 years)
He shot to shoot and niggas called it voluntary
He started fuckin' with a plug named Timothy
His lil goofy friend fucked up the chemistry
Plan B, runnin' down cars with a sixteen
Angry, now he run the block as young as 15
Block party, big chain, niggas always envy (and jealousy)
He’s like no nigga gon catch me while I’m tipsy
Niggas pass the bridge then he dead stock
Lil nigga, camera by the red box
He paralyzed a nigga now he can’t walk
But cripple got a shooter named Red Fox
And Red Fox 16, he a hunnid bands up
He’s like which one of these niggas hit my dawg up
His homie from high school, he done got star struck
He’s like imma flip that nigga by the back walk
And Red Fox, he say he got 30 in the clip now, 5 shots
Tell him imma drop him with my tre pound
I ain’t playing with these niggas where they right now? (where they at)
You ever get free smoke it come with discount
Now who that duckin' crawlin' around the corner (Red hot)
That’s Red Fox, clip look like a shawarma
.357 he done placed his order
(he paid his dues)
But 30 shots boostin up his aura (he superman)
Thunder roaring, it ain’t even rainy (its pourin')
He pulled up but never left in his mercedes
He down to 18, the shooting it got crazy
Headshot now another nigga dead on Jane Street (and finch)
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